"The first time our bands met was in December of 1999 when we played a weekend of shows around the Midwest together. On that Sunday night, at Rockit's Pizza in Bloomington, Indiana, the idea of doing a split was born. A few months later in May of 2000 we did the "Riding with Death Tour" together. On that tour we threw around some ideas and decided we wanted this project to be more of a collaboration than a split. Throughout the following year there was much talk about, but little work done on the project until finally in March of 2001 The Casket Lottery recorded "Composing Myself" (A Lullaby)" and the music for "Boardinghouse" along with their new album.

Throughout the Summer and Fall tapes were sent back and forth between bands and we even found a little time to practice together when we both played Blooming Fest in September. Finally, one weekend in November and another weekend in January both bands were able to record the rest of the material, with finishing touches being added in February by The Casket Lottery and Ed Rose. At last, after over two years of writing, rocking, singing, screaming, driving, strumming, growing, birthing, deciding, and smiling, we surfaced with this document.

Try not to stress out too much on figuring out which band played which songs and what direction either band's music is heading. Remember, this is not a split, it is a collaboration created by a group of friends, meant to simply be enjoyed." - Ben Reed


released June 17, 2014



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